High Profile Cases

Investigators handle many high profile-Celebrity cases from Divorce to Supervised Visitation Monitoring. We understand that Confidentiality and Privacy is of the ultimate importance and stand by that practice to maintain the high level of trust that is needed for sensitive cases.
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Supervised Visitation Monitoring

Envie Investigative Services specialize in Supervised Visitation Monitoring. The difference between Envie Investigative Services and other monitors is that you get:
Ex- Police Officers to watch over your prize possessions, your children!  Our investigators have extensive training in Juvenile Procedures.  We write detailed reports and comfortable with Court testimony and tricky questions.
99% of our Supervised Visitation Monitoring are Celebrities, but we do offer the same quality monitoring to everyone!

Insurance Fraud

We handle many different types of Fraud , including Worker’s Compensation and Insurance Fraud.  Our highly trained Investigators use high tech equipment to get the job done.

Asset Recovery

Did you know that there are thousands and thousands of businesses that are owed money BUT dont know it ? We research and collect money owed to businesses and individuals.
Unfortunately many people don’t believe that money is out there and are skeptical due to today’s scams and Internet fraud.
We find your money, send the check to you , then you reimburse us our 25% finders fee, its that simple!!
We are licensed by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. Please call BSIS at (916)322-4000 to verify that we are California Licensed Private Investigators .  Our license number is #19728.  Envie Investigative Services has been in business for over 20 years and has extensive experience in various fields.


Want to catch a Cheater? Want to get to the truth of the matter?  Envie Investigative Services conducts detailed surveillances 24 hours a day . We are your eyes when you cant be there!!!!

Notary Public-Loan Packages

Investigators are also highly trained Notary Publics & Real Estate Agents that can complete your loan signings with ease.