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Death in the Work Place!


In today’s society , we strive to take care of our selves and our families.

We try to appease ourselves with lavish toys, many we cannot afford. We are content with this form of living until we meet our maker, a place without worry, bills, taxes or responsibilities.

In order to keep our self-satisfying gifts, we must do that nasty, undesirable thing called “WORK”.

Yes, it is tough getting up every morning with the birds, sometimes before the daylight, rolling out of bed, struggling to make it to the bathroom to get rid of that morning breath. Then to the kitchen for that blast of “wake up juice” which we commonly refer to as Coffee.

Finally it is time to leave for work. You have managed to get the kids off to school, and you are ready for the freeway commute. The drive is long and stressful, but you keep telling yourself it is better than being homeless! Or is it?

Upon arrival to work , you are greeted by Harold , a co-worker who is a little strange, but works very hard. He is a true introvert with a bundle of bushy uncombed hair, who sits by himself, dresses funny , fanatical about the comics, and can fix anything in a flash!

Harold makes you uncomfortable with his constant stares through his Coke bottle glasses and picking of his nose. You’ve had enough of his deep glaring stares and poor hygienic habits and decide to initiate a complaint after he raised your skirt.

Your supervisor scolds you and deems you a thin skinned nagger. He makes excuses for Harold, focuses on his excellent work record and points out that he stays after work, without pay. You realize that your supervisor is only concerned about production and decide not to press the issue for fear of losing your job.

Several days pass and Harold continues to annoy you as well as other workers. Several complaints have been made to your blind eye supervisor, who bribed you and others with a pay raise for your patience and understanding.

You decide to take a stand and demand that Harold be counseled for his actions. Your supervisor gives in and finally speaks to Herold regarding his behavior.

It is Friday and you arrive at work ready to complain to the Corporate Office if Harold harasses you in any way . You sit at your desk and you spot Harold walking towards you, to your surprise he greets you in a professional manner and sits down at his desk. The office functions normally and a sigh of relief hovers over the building.

Monday morning arrives and you aren’t feeling very well but you want to prove that you are as dedicated as Harold. You struggle to get out of bed and just make it to work on time. As you sit at your desk drinking a cup of hot soup, Harold walks up behind you and shoots you in the back, and begins to shoot others as you watch helplessly on the floor. As blood drains from your body and your life as you life begans to float away, you wonder……….. what could I have done to stop this from happening ? Why didnt management check Harold out?……Why did my employer kill me?

It is later revealed that Harold had a borderline mental disorder , molested as a child and has a criminal history.

Incidents like this , arent all that uncommon. Have you seen the news! In order to prevent potential violence in the workplace , employers should conduct detailed Pre-Employment Checks . It could save a life! Maybe yours!

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